Title:  Carbon Capture and Storage Specialist

Job Req ID:  13047

Lead Petroleum Engineer


We are seeking an experienced professional to join our team in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia to manage the development and implementation of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) projects.
Saudi Aramco’s Carbon Capture and Sequestration Division directs and formulates development strategies to ensure meeting the Kingdom’s CCUS targets. As part of Saudi Aramco’s efforts to establish alternative energy carriers to support the world’s de-carbonization efforts, this team conducts pioneering studies, introduces state-of-the-art technologies, and provides specialized evaluations for CCUS projects.
The CCS/CCUS Engineering Specialist will coordinate and lead the development and implementation of CCS/CCUS projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This role will work with multidisciplinary engineering teams and provide expert technical insights on CCUS related matters.

Duties & Responsibilities

Coordinate and lead complex studies related to the planning, development, and implementation of CCUS projects.
• Technical review and qualification of CO2 capture and sequestration technologies.
• Support the development of the company’s CO2 capture and sequestration strategy/roadmap.
• Provide management with up-to-date trends, technologies, and new developments related to the /CCUS industry.
• Train and mentor less-senior team members.

Minimum Requirements

Master’s degree (or higher) in Chemical, Petroleum, or Mechanical Engineering.
• Expert understanding of the various stages of CCUS processes and related technologies, including, capture processes and technologies (e.g. chemical absorption, physical separation), CO2 transport mechanisms and its economic considerations, CO2 storage mechanisms, and the various uses of CO2.
• Have a minimum of 15 years of work experience, with at least 10 years exposure to the CCUS value chain with actual experience in CO2 storage projects and a strong understanding of its geological and engineering considerations, as well as the various trapping mechanisms, either in saline formations and/or depleted oil and gas reservoirs.
• Be familiar with the various costs across the entire CCUS value chain.
• Possess a strong understanding of the different policy/regulatory frameworks that have allowed the successful development of global CCUS projects.
• Good understanding of carbon related policies such as carbon tax, cap-and-trade, carbon pricing, etc.
• Should be comfortable working in a multicultural environment.
Special attention will be given to candidates who have been exposed to blue hydrogen/ammonia production. A thorough understanding of the role of CCUS as part of the energy transition, and a strong background in project economics and associated financial concepts are also highly desirable.

Lead Petroleum Engineer

Country/Region:  SA