Title:  Digital Business Governance, Risk & Compliance

Job Req ID:  8346

Aramco energizes the world economy.

Aramco occupies a unique position in the global energy industry. We are the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the lowest upstream carbon intensity of any major producer. 

With our significant investment in technology and infrastructure, we strive to maximize the value of the energy we produce for the world along with a commitment to enhance Aramco’s value to society.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with offices around the world, we combine market discipline with a generations’ spanning view of the future, born of our nine decades experience as responsible stewards of the Kingdom’s vast hydrocarbon resources. This responsibility has driven us to deliver significant societal and economic benefits to not just the Kingdom, but also to a vast number of communities, economies, and countries that rely on the vital and reliable energy that we supply.

We are one of the most profitable companies in the world, as well as amongst the top five global companies by market capitalization.


We are seeking a Digital business-related Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) specialist to join Digital Transformation (DT) in Saudi Aramco.

DT is responsible for further improving Saudi Aramco business practices through utilization of appropriate digital technologies, creating new digital business opportunities for the Company while also contributing to the Kingdom's economic growth. Our successes have focused on the creating and implementing digital initiatives and projects across the company and continue pursuing initiatives seeking more ambitious contributions to the Kingdom's economic development which will also enhance and expand the Company's operations and value chain.


This role offers a unique workplace to contribute and gives opportunities to ensure that appropriate governance, risk and compliance function is in place to support DT business and ensuring adherence to digital related technology, local and international standards related to digital business. The position will be based in Digital Strategy, Investment and Growth organization which is mandated to set and manage the execution the digital transformation strategy of the Company, realizing opportunities and execute by leading and supporting critical and diversified corporate transactions within Saudi Aramco.

Your primary responsibility is to support Digital Transformation (DT) organization’s control environment. Within the full scope of the organization’s activities (digital projects, investments, venturing, other), you shall ensure that digital related policies, procedures and processes are defined and updated, risks related to digital transformation activities are identified and managed, and digital activities’ controls are developed, updated, tested, and implemented.  You can work with the big picture on your mind to link existing governance practices within the Company with that related to the digital business and deliver successful digital GRC function for the company for long run. You should possess significant experience within the GRC domain, preferably related to digital business to be considered a subject matter expert. You should have strong interpersonal skills with gravitas to work with people to enable the applicant to collaborate effectively and efficiently across internal and external stakeholders that allows robust communication protocol to execute and realize the opportunity. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop, and ensure consistent review of a complete governance structure of DT organization and its business across all domains
  • Develop any required additional, and review existing governance documentations (policies, GIs, manuals, procedures) across DT organization
  • Coordinate with internal subject matter experts’ groups such as Law, Organization Consulting Department, SMA, etc. to ensure appropriate approvals are obtained to releasing DT governance documents.
  • Develop additionally required, and improve practices of existing governance bodies (e.g. digital business-related committees)
  • Review and improve: 
    • Alignment between strategic and tactical plans of DT business
    • roles and responsibilities of related DT organizations
    • performance management of DT business
  • Review and improve the risk management processes within DT organization
  • Support the identification of threats and risks exposure, and the assessment and management of risks 
  • Evaluate existing and monitor implementation of, risks’ mitigating controls
  • Design, implement, manage and improve a complete compliance programs across DT organization
  • Manage compliance activities and improve DT related processes/activities, and derive an appropriate internal compliance program
  • Perform/test the derived compliance program against a number of DT activities
  • Document and perform a compliance review and testing procedure
  • Develop the necessary training material for all stated GRC activities and conduct a number of training sessions
  • Manage and mentor young professionals.

Minimum Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Computer Science or MIS.  MBA or a relevant advanced degree is strongly preferred as are relevant professional certifications
  • 12 years of professional experience in implementing, managing, reviewing and improving internal controls for governance, compliance and quality, IT audits, or assurance and risk management programs
  • Track record of performing internal or external audits in accordance with relevant professional standards
  • Highly proficient in audit methodologies, especially but not limited to those applicable in Digital business, investments and IT environments
  • Highly skilled in designing and implementing compliance and control frameworks
  • Excellent comprehension of internal controls requirements and implications, preferably in the digital business context
  • Excellent in writing high quality documentation, training material and reports
  • Proven track record of successfully developing GRC related practices (preferably in the digital domain) within a large well-established organization
  • Expert in navigating and influencing complex internal stakeholder groups to ensure successful business outcomes.
  • Expert in international business and cross-cultural professional practices.

Working environment

Our high-performing employees are drawn by the challenging and rewarding professional, technical and industrial opportunities we offer, and are remunerated accordingly.

At Aramco, our people work on truly world-scale projects, supported by investment in capital and technology that is second to none. And because, as a global energy company, we are faced with addressing some of the world’s biggest technical, logistical and environmental challenges, we invest heavily in talent development.

We have a proud history of educating and training our workforce over many decades. Employees at all levels are encouraged to improve their sector-specific knowledge and competencies through our workforce development programs – one of the largest in the world.


Country/Region:  SA