Title:  Measurement Engineer

Job Req ID:  12723



We are seeking a Measurement Engineer to join the D&T Technical Support Division of P&TSD.


D&T Technical Support Division Provide specialized technical services through engineering consultation, processes automation, product quality & loss control, technology deployment, and Operation policies & procedures standardization.


The Measurement Engineer primary role is to provide technical services related hydrocarbon measurement and loss control. Also act as Mentor for newly developed Engineers in the measurement path.

Key Responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:


Conduct a measurement surveys and compliance reviews for the measurement systems


Report and analyze the hydrocarbon product loss control performance.


Develop and maintain hydrocarbon measurement related training programs for engineers, technicians and operators.


Maintain processes to measure operating department compliance to relevant Saudi Aramco GIs and relevant internal or external standards.


Conduct technical studies and technology evaluations.


Develop and maintain operating facility policies and procedures related to hydrocarbon liquid measurement.


Develop and deliver in-house training programs for engineers performing compliance reviews.


Participate in company and international standards review committees and conferences related to hydrocarbon measurements.


Minimum Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a recognized and approved program PE or CEng an advanced degree is preferred.


You will have 10+ years’ experience in Oil and Gas industry, including at least 10 in Hydrocarbon Liquid systems (flow meters operation and types, flow Computers functionality and requirements, auto sampling, Provers, Tanks, Master Meters. etc) and Gas Measurement (flow meters, flow computers, metering Supervisory Computer, Sampling requirements (GC) )


Have deep knowledge of statistical tool for measurement, in particular estimating measurement uncertainty



Country/Region:  SA