Title:  Actg Staff Specialist

Job Req ID:  7604

Aramco energizes the world economy.

Aramco occupies a unique position in the global energy industry. We are the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the lowest upstream carbon intensity of any major producer. 

With our significant investment in technology and infrastructure, we strive to maximize the value of the energy we produce for the world along with a commitment to enhance Aramco’s value to society.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with offices around the world, we combine market discipline with a generations’ spanning view of the future, born of our nine decades experience as responsible stewards of the Kingdom’s vast hydrocarbon resources. This responsibility has driven us to deliver significant societal and economic benefits to not just the Kingdom, but also to a vast number of communities, economies, and countries that rely on the vital and reliable energy that we supply.

We are one of the most profitable companies in the world, as well as amongst the top five global companies by market capitalization.


We are seeking an Accounting Staff Specialist to join the Trade Finance & Collection Division of the Treasury Services Department at Saudi Aramco. 

Trade Finance and Collection Division (TF&CD) mission is to make every effort to effectively collect all outstanding ex-employee/non-employee obligations, administer Saudi Aramco customers’ lines of credit and ensure timely release of financial hold based on acceptable provided collaterals. In order to achieve its mission, TF&CD has two important groups namely Collections Unit and Export Sales Credit Administration (ESCA).

Collection Unit is responsible for collecting the company's overdue invoices of ex-employees and non-employees related to home loans and other receivables including training cost, medical expenses, SRTP unpaid loans and salary adjustment.  The Unit’s main responsibility is to trace debtors after receipt of their invoices from payroll and maintain updated records of all outstanding dues against retired, resigned and terminated employees and non-employees and pursue the collections according to the overdue amount for each debtor. 
ESCA Group main goal is to protect Saudi Armco’s revenues related to export of crude oil, LPG and refined product; by ensuring that all export sales are protected and financially covered for each particular customer either by line of credit, letter of credit or cash advance prior to process the financial release. The Group is also responsible for ensuring that all Saudi Aramco projects, contracts, purchases, services and local sales are financially protected by Parent Company Guarantee or appropriate Bank Guarantee; either by Performance, Advance Payment, Retention Payment, and Mobilization bank guarantees in accordance with the type of the customers and contractors.    

The Accounting Staff Specialist’s primary role is to provide administration of short-term liquidity outlook of the Company and manages the daily investments of the Company’s excess monies. The Accounting Staff Specialist is also responsible for review and approval of Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee, ensure all Crude Oil, LPG, Bunker & ATC cargos are financially released prior to loading. 

Key Responsibilities

Consult and advise management in one of the following major areas: Finance, Accounting, Financial Reporting, Compensation, Finance Systems, Accounting Policy and systems, IT and auditing. 
Develop solutions to complex and critical problems resulting from changes in corporate policy, accounting standards, government agreements and laws. 
Formulate and optimize innovative systems, processes and procedures in finance and related areas while ensuring conformance with accepted accounting/auditing principles. 
Supervise internal audits which have significant impact on key functions within the Company. 
Provide specialized assistance to Saudi Aramco operating organizations in interpreting Finance policy and in implementing financial control systems. 
Work independently with minimum guidelines and direction. 
Work with considerable latitude to determine processes and procedures for the development and implementation of assignments. 
Formulate and optimize innovative systems, processes and procedures in finance related areas while ensuring conformance with accepted accounting/auditing principles. 
Evaluate Extend & Discount program. 
Interpret and implement changes in financial system locally and internationally. 
Formulate solutions, alternatives and recommendations, and provide central direction and control over complex theoretical and practical, financial systems, internal control, or other matters not covered by standard practice or precedent. 
Evaluate and drive continuous improvement of processes to preserve capital, assure liquidity and optimize return. 
Identifies major problems in all areas of and financial reporting, compensation and finance systems and processes. Initiates evaluation/feasibility studies and analyses. Provide Management with alternatives and recommended solutions. 
Forecast monthly cash receipts and disbursements and identify daily excess cash for investment. 
Execute daily investment proposal and identify the optimal investment tenor based on the company’s liquidity outlook and market environment. 
Optimize investment performance across different money market and fixed income investment instruments. 
Coordinating, communicating and corresponding with banks, buyers, Law, OSPAS, S&MLD, SPOL, SPI, CM&I, BOD and others via SWIFT, telephone, fax, email, and face to face regarding the lifting’s and letters of credit, financial releases, invoices, and payments. 
Manage, monitor and report divisional performance against the Cash Forecasting Accuracy and Short-Term Investment Return key performance indicators. 
Develop on regular basis market analysis report on both global and local macro-economic outlook. 
Enhance Cash forecasting process and accuracy level by working with internal and external counterpart. 
Assist in the setup, configuration and implementation of money market investment instrument in the Saudi Aramco system. 
Review and propose changes, if required, to Saudi Aramco Short-Term Investments Guidelines. 
Present to Treasury Management the liquidity outlook of the Company and investments proposals. 
Be available and on call 24/7. 

Minimum Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will hold a Bachelors degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics or a related field from a recognized and approved program. An MBA or other advanced business degree is preferred and professional certifications, such as a CFA, CPA, or CFP, is a plus. 

You will have at least twelve years Treasury experience which includes cash forecasting and cash management activities.

You must also be able to demonstrate experience working on supply chains to evaluate FinTech companies to automate the process of Extend & Discount programs. 

Demonstrate proven experience with successfully placing competitive short-term cash investment. 

Integrated Oil Company operational experience a plus. 

Ability to coach staff in developing their analytical skills and project delivery capabilities. 

Advanced proficiency in Excel and excellent presentation skills. 

Working environment

Our high-performing employees are drawn by the challenging and rewarding professional, technical and industrial opportunities we offer, and are remunerated accordingly.

At Aramco, our people work on truly world-scale projects, supported by investment in capital and technology that is second to none. And because, as a global energy company, we are faced with addressing some of the world’s biggest technical, logistical and environmental challenges, we invest heavily in talent development.

We have a proud history of educating and training our workforce over many decades. Employees at all levels are encouraged to improve their sector-specific knowledge and competencies through our workforce development programs – one of the largest in the world.


Country/Region:  SA