Title:  Business Development Specialist

Job Req ID:  12289

Aramco energizes the world economy.

Aramco occupies a unique position in the global energy industry. We are the world's largest producer of hydrocarbons (oil and gas), with the lowest upstream carbon intensity of any major producer. 

With our significant investment in technology and infrastructure, we strive to maximize the value of the energy we produce for the world along with a commitment to enhance Aramco’s value to society.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with offices around the world, we combine market discipline with a generations’ spanning view of the future, born of our nine decades experience as responsible stewards of the Kingdom’s vast hydrocarbon resources. This responsibility has driven us to deliver significant societal and economic benefits to not just the Kingdom, but also to a vast number of communities, economies, and countries that rely on the vital and reliable energy that we supply.

We are one of the most profitable companies in the world, as well as amongst the top five global companies by market capitalization.


We are seeking a Business Development Analyst to join the Merger & Acquisition Department.

The Merger & Acquisition Department is responsible for executing M&A transactions originated by different business lines of the company and approved by Saudi Aramco’s corporate management. 

The Business Development Analyst’s primary role is to support the screening, planning, analyzing, developing a new business venture and executing mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures and divestments at Saudi Aramco. 
The Analyst will evaluate transaction proposals and actively manage the execution of such projects. The Analyst will be actively involved in valuation, due diligence, negotiations and structuring of transactions leading to final deal signing and closing. 

Key Responsibilities

The envisioned role will, include the following responsibilities:

Conduct detailed due diligence on different aspects of target companies (with support from relevant organizations in the company), 
Perform valuation of target companies based on different methods (with support from other organizations in the company) and evaluate the business plan of the targets,
Independently handles business proposals, draft the Non-Binding Offer (NBO), develop a negotiation strategy and commercial terms for the transaction and reflect as such in the term sheet. Negotiate and develop definitive agreements (with the help of law department and other relevant organizations in the company),
validation activities to progress proposals through stage gates, prioritize business proposals against investment criteria and NBD portfolio strategy,
Manage all aspects of transaction execution including management of the overall project such as selecting, onboarding and working with advisors, 
Manage the overall stakeholder management including working with internal organizations, consultants and potential partner(s),
Assembles initial offerings to potential investors, Lead investor selection activities, and Coordinates with Saudi Aramco subject matter experts to draft Memorandums of Understanding/Letter of Intent,
Provides administrative direction in the development and review of legal documents which include head of terms, MoU, Cost sharing agreements, and shareholder agreements and manage business portfolio,
Ensures compliance to process stage gates and approvals, approves contract payments and variations within limit, provides administrative direction and personnel management to all assigned Business Development Analysts and performs other miscellaneous duties as directed.
Support law department in anti-trust clearance activities and internal proponent organizations in the post-acquisition integration activities, and
Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed. 
Skills – candidate should have skills in a number of these areas
Good interpersonal communication skills
Working knowledge of a variety of MS office tools
Time-management skills, ability to meet deadlines and to work under stress
Proven analytical and problem-solving skills
Attention to detail with a high degree of control and emphasis on quality
Strong team player: demonstrating initiative, dynamism and creativity
Fluency in English (and other languages if possible)
Solid understanding of commercial business models in various sectors e.g. oil & gas etc.
Experience with risks reporting and risks dash board
Understanding of portfolio management principles
Solid understanding of accounting fundamentals
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification are advantageous

Minimum Requirements

A successful candidate will preferably hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Economics, Business, Finance from a recognized and approved international program. An MBA and/or an equivalent qualification will be a plus, although not a requirement. 

An ideal candidate will have at least (10-15) years of experience in business development which should include at least five (5) years of experience in M&A transaction execution. 

Work experience – candidates from these sources would be the primary target 
IOCs/NOCs, corporates; 
International consulting firms, accounting firms and investment banks;
Private equity firms.

The ideal candidate is expected to have a strong M&A background, and should have demonstrated in previous roles, extensive experience in financial valuation and modeling, due diligence, commercial negotiations and transaction structuring etc.  Adequate understanding of financial analysis of companies and valuation methodologies; commercial principals of a transaction; different types of transactions.
Industry expertise of knowledge of specific venturing activities such as commercialization, spin-offs or joint venturing, project development, financial valuations and modeling, facilities planning, strategy development or relevant experience.


Working environment

Our high-performing employees are drawn by the challenging and rewarding professional, technical and industrial opportunities we offer, and are remunerated accordingly.

At Aramco, our people work on truly world-scale projects, supported by investment in capital and technology that is second to none. And because, as a global energy company, we are faced with addressing some of the world’s biggest technical, logistical and environmental challenges, we invest heavily in talent development.

We have a proud history of educating and training our workforce over many decades. Employees at all levels are encouraged to improve their sector-specific knowledge and competencies through our workforce development programs – one of the largest in the world.


Country/Region:  SA