Title:  Geological Consultant


Geological Consultant

Job Purpose

As a recognized Company expert, and in some instances as an industry expert in his geological discipline, he will provide high-level technical analysis, guidance and innovation to the solution of Exploration, Technology or Reservoir Characterization problems.


Generally as a member of a team, the incumbent is expected to perform one or more of the following activities, the number and combination depending on the assignment.

a. Acts as a technical advisor, providing expert counsel and direction to other geoscientists, applying the techniques of his specialized field in the various studies and research projects in progress.
b. Offers advice on geological matters requiring a very high degree of technical expertise.
c. Undertakes or directs specialized studies on applied research or specific problems leading to new Exploration, Technology or Reservoir Characterization concepts.
d. Represents the Company at outside meetings that discuss complex problems, when decisions are being arrived at concerning future approaches and directions of investigation.
e. Prepares and makes presentations to management, for the company and government agencies, if warranted, illustrating different geologic problems, results and conclusions.
f. Prepares summary reports on geological activities, where a very sophisticated type of analysis and mature judgment is required for an adequate evaluation.
g. Keeps up to date in his specialized discipline by constantly attending technical society sessions to ensure all recent developments are used in Saudi Aramco's Exploration Organization.
h. Performs the administrative functions required to implement the studies and research assigned to his discipline.
i. Assists in training less experienced geologists through discussions and work sessions, and participates in specialist development program.
j. Performs any or all the duties listed in the Geological Specialist job description.

Education & Experience Requirements

a. Bachelors degree in Geology or a related science. Graduate study in a specialized discipline of Geology, a related science or other extended special training is desirable.

b. Fifteen (15) years of experience, including at least 7 years as a specialist in his discipline. Incumbent must be highly regarded and accepted as an expert in his principle discipline by his peer group.

c. Fluent in both spoken and written English.


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Geological Consultant

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