Title:  Geophysical Specialist


Geophysical Specialist


We are seeking a Reservoir & Exploration Geophysicist to join Southern Area Reservoir Characterization Department. A Reservoir Geophysicist role is to perform detailed reservoir characterization using advanced geophysical analyses to support future field development, platform evaluation and well planning/drilling. The analyses include integration of well rock physics property and appropriate seismic attributes, post-stack/ pre-stack inversion to generate seismically-driven reservoir property distribution maps, and detailed structural and stratigraphic interpretation. The candidate also needs to perform pre-stack/ post-stack seismic modeling to help calibrate/ QC seismic data processing, seismic attributes and seismic inversion products.

Key Responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following: 

  1. Seismic Interpretation (3D & 2D data), horizon picking, Attribute analyses, Interpretation data QC, Structural mapping of complex carbonate and siliciclastic reservoirs.
  2. Characterization and Mapping of Fault & Fractures at reservoir levels. Generating and utilizing seismic attributes for better characterizing fractures, faults, and other structural, stratigraphic and sedimentary features.
  3. Gravity and magnetic data handling and interpretation.
  4. Generation of time and depth grids at different reservoir levels, generation of synthetics.
  5. Handling of Pre-stack/Post-stack data and seismic inversion.
  6. Active and regular interaction with Reservoir Geologist, Operation Geologist, Reservoir Engineers, Sedimentologist and Log Analyst is expected.
  7. Handling regular interaction for Processing / Reprocessing of Seismic data.
  8. Support operational geologist on well planning/drilling using his or existing interpretation, observe and evaluate of any new findings and update interpretation accordingly.
  9. Advice & support operation geologist on logging requirements specifically VSP.
  10. Evaluate geophysical and geological data to map prospective areas/formations to look for upside potential for future field 

Minimum Requirements

As a successful candidate, you will have the following:

  • Bachelor Degree or higher Degree in Geophysics.
  • Fifteen years of years of solid experience as a Development Geophysicist / Reservoir Geophysicists with the last four years specializing in advanced geophysical analyses for reservoir characterization.
  • Strong technical skills and knowledge in seismic structural interpretation and seismic stratigraphic interpretation (sequence stratigraphy), seismic attributes analyses and modeling demonstrated through actual work experiences. Having skills in pre-stack/post-stack modeling and seismic inversion would be preferable.
  • Hands-on experience using 3D seismic interpretation software (Landmark DSG, Petrel, etc.) and some advanced geophysical software; e.g., geoTeric, Jason Geoscience, Hampson-Russel, Well-Seismic Fusion, dGB, etc.
  • Good understanding of seismic data acquisition and processing and well log data analysis.
  • Mapping techniques experience is a must.
  • Mentoring of junior staff and transferring of knowledge.
  • English language fluency with the capability to communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Excellent presentation skills.

Geophysical Specialist

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